Uji Shrine

Address 1 Ujiyamada, Uji, Kyoto
Phone 0774-21-3041

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The shusaijin (main enshrined deity) is Uji-no-waki-iratsuko-no-mikoto, who is said to have killed himself to let his older step-brother Emperor Nintoku take the imperial throne. In the Uji-cha Tea Festival, the head priest of Uji Shrine performs the Famous Water Drawing Ceremony at the San-no-Ma of Uji Bridge. Its precincts include a stone tablet with a haiku poem engraved on it “Kenjo no cha wo tsumu oi no chikara kana” (“Pinching the tea presented by an effort of an old one”), written by Shushiki, a female haiku poet living in the middle of the Edo period.