The tea fields of Dosenbo, Takao, Tayama, and Imayama

Address Minamiyamashiro, Soraku-gun, Kyoto

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In the Minamiyamashiro region, exports of sencha increased from the end of Edo Period thanks to the benefits of the Kizu River water transportation system, which contributed to the growth of the region’s tea fields. Dosenbo is a community reclaimed in the early Meiji Period on a plain sitting 500 meters up the mountain slope. The region has preserved its rustic landscape of rice paddies, which stand in contrast to the tea fields on the rolling hills. The Tayama and Takao regions maintain a distinct landscape typified by their vertically ridged tea fields that rise up the slopes. In Imayama, which was developed following the construction of the Takayama Dam in 1969, one can view the rare vista of an open-field tea plantation extending across flat land.