Obaku-san Manpuku-ji Temple

Address 34 Gokashou Sanbanwari, Uji, Kyoto
Phone 0774-32-3900

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The head temple of Obaku sect, founded by Zen monk Ingen Zenji, who introduced the encha (tea preparation) method from Ming Dynasty China. Everything here from the styles of the buildings and Buddhist statues, rites and rituals to shojin ryori (Zen vegetarian cuisine), are in Chinese style, and the temple looks different from general Buddhist temples in Japan. In front of the San-mon triple gate, there is a stone tablet inscribed with the words of Tagami Kikusha, a haiku poet from the late Edo Period: “Sanmon wo izureba Nihon zo chatsumi uta” (“Upon leaving the main gate, I hear the tea pickers’ song and am carried back to Japan”).