Kosho-ji Temple, Mt. Buttoku

Address 27-1 Ujiyamada, Uji, Kyoto
Phone 0774-21-2040

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Kosho-ji, the first Soto sect temple, was founded in 1233 in Fukakusa in Kyoto’s Fushimi area by Dogen, who had recently returned from a study mission in Song Dynasty China. The temple was eventually lost to time, but it was rebuilt in 1649 on the site of Asahi Chaen, one of the Seven Famous Tea Gardens of Uji. Kotosaka, the approach to the temple, is famous for its beautifully colored autumn leaves. In the Uji-cha Festival in October every year, two rituals are commemorated — Chatsubo Kuchikiri no Gi (the tea canister sealbreaking ceremony) and Chatsubo Kuchikiri no Gi (a Buddhist rite for used tea whisks) in front of the tea whisk mound on the premises.